Residential Air Duct Cleaning


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Residential HVAC System Cleaning services cleaning or maintenance of:

        • HVAC System Cleaning

        • HVAC System Sanitization

        • HVAC System Fogging for Mildew/Microbial Growth

        • Air Flow Optimization

        • Replace Electrostatic Air Filter Replacement

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What You Can't See Can Hurt You

Most homeowners would be dismayed and shocked if they could look inside their ductwork. Even the most careful housekeeper cannot prevent a gradual accumulation of dust, dirt, hair, dead insects and worse on the inside surfaces of the air ducts in the heating and air conditioning system.In addition, ductwork can become a breeding ground for various molds, mildew, and bacteria that can be a real problem for those with asthma or severe allergies. Our Technicians are fully trained, experienced, fully bonded and insured. They will use state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning tools to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork, along with the fan and blower compartments of furnaces that permit access to those areas.



Cleaning Your Air Ducts Can Improve The Air You Breathe!

      • Our air duct cleaning professionals remove dust, fungus, mites & bacteria from your heating and air conditioning vents
      • Asthma sufferers can be helped by having air ducts cleaned regularly
      • Allergy symptoms can be reduced
      • Utility bills can be lowered & the efficiency of your HVAC system can be improved by having your air ducts cleaned
      • Indoor cleaning can be reduced

From Homes to Complexes, We Offer:

      • Cleaning of heating and air conditioning ductwork
      • Sanitize: killing mold, mildew and bacteria
      • Deodorize: damp rot, moisture and smoke odors
      • We offer a Sanitation treatment
      •  Inspection of closed damper
      • Dryer Vent Cleaning
      • Bathroom Fan cleaning


house-292x262Pollution is no longer synonymous with just the outdoors. In fact Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become an important issue and concern today due to many contributors; inadequate ventilation, building materials, air borne contaminants: asbestos mold, bacteria, fiber glass, algae, dust, debris, moisture, and fungus just to mention a few that gather and circulate in the duct work. Such conditions can lead to SBS “Sick building syndrome”. The term “sick building syndrome” (SBS) is used to describe situations in which dwelling or building occupants experience acute health side effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building or home. The complaints may be localized in a particular room or zone, or may be widespread throughout the dwelling or building. In contrast, the term BRI “building related illness” is used when symptoms of diagnosable illness are identified and can be attributed directly to airborne building contaminants.


Click here for more information on SBS.

Your air ducts may need to be cleaned if the following applies to you:                                                                                                                            

* Recent remodeling was done in the home? It may have left ducts filled with sawdust and drywall  in the home/air ducts.

* If the ducts haven’t been cleaned for several years. Your HVAC system may benefit from a good duct cleaning. Removal of cobwebs and debris can increase efficiency by as much as 40 percent.

* Dust accumulation soon after house keeping- this would be a good reason to have your ducts cleaned, dust and debris may be interrupting the airflow.

* Visible mold, rodent droppings and dead insects also tell you that professional cleaning is needed.

Side Effects of not Cleaning Your HVAC system

  • Health –Poor indoor air quality directly effects those occupants and even visitors exposed to it. Severity depends on how long they are exposed, AIR DUCT HOUSE DIAGRAMthe level of contamination in the areas they are in and their level of existing health issues. READ more about SBS below.
  • Financial – The financial effect can be extremely costly. From lost time and productivity from staff due to illnesses related to the SBS, to increased payroll (overtime) due to higher maintenance complaint calls . To increased utility bills and/or repair cost to the HVAC unit for not functioning or working properly.
  • System Functionality and/or Lifespan- HVAC systems not regularly maintained and ducts not cleaned can contribute to the systems malfuntions, effectiveness, and lifespan of the unit itself.

Benefits of Cleaning Your HVAC system: 

  • Improves IAQ (indoor air quality) and helps reduce air borne illnesses and allergies
  • Increases the lifespan of the HVAC unit and allows it to run/perform more efficiently.
  • Reduces service  calls and the cost associated with them  
  • Reduces utility costs (gas/electric) will remove dust and debris-pet hair, paper clips, children’s toys, microbial growth and whatever else might collect down there. Ideally, the inside surface will be shiny and bright after cleaning. You do not want to have air circulated through a duct passage that is not as clean as the rest of the building. When dust, debris and other contaminants build up in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, they can cause allergies and additional health issues. They also reduce energy efficiency, which increases your energy costs.

How It’s Done: 

Air duct cleaning is done using vehicle mounted equipment. The attached vacuum is connected to a hose which connects to your air handler (furnace, a/c unit). Another one connects to the main supply and return air ducts putting your ducts under negative pressure. The technician addresses each vent to loosen/dislodge dirt and debris which is drawn to the hose connected to the air duct. The dirt and debris is then removed through the vacuum’s suction system in the vehicle. Our technicians are skilled and trained to perform this procedure using state of the art equipment such as Hepa Vacuum Systems which are 99.97% efficient, along with rotor brushes, air whips, high powered air nozzles, skipper balls (forward and reverse), octopus whips, predator whips just to mention a few.

This process is safe for your system and for your indoor environment. Our techs use the necessary precautions such as drop clothes and boot covers, to ensure your home is not compromised by the procedure, equipment and solutions used. Our clients are pleasantly surprised how clean the process is. We have gained a tremendous amount of experience by performing projects in a wide variety of industries and building types. We have also invested a lot of time and money to ensure our customers are getting quality workmanship and services.

We invite you to visit our Consumer Warning "News" prompter to learn more about the importance of why this procedure must be done properly and the risks involved, if not done correctly by a certified reputable company.