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What Can Duct Cleaning Do For The Health of Your Employees/Occupants,Your Building and Your HVAC System?

Maintaining clean heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems is an important part of sustaining acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ). Properly performed hvac system cleaning services should take place to reduce or eliminate contaminant introduction. Cleaning done by a professional hvac system cleaner will remove dust and debris-insects, mites, paper clips, and other foreign objects that accumulate or collect in the ducts along with microbial contaminants.

It is important to maintain a healthy indoor environment to protect the health of occupants and the health of the HVAC system. By regularly cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC, studies show a significant savings in energy and maintenance cost as well as employee lost time due to illness.

The slideshow above are examples of what we found in a few ducts and registers we cleaned. Remember “If it’s in your ducts it’s in your lungs!” This is what you could be breathing and could be causing your HVAC system to run improperly, costing you time and money.

Signs you may need your ducts cleaned

  • Any remodeling or construction may leave your ducts filled with sawdust and drywall and other foreign objects in your duct work.
  • If the ducts haven’t been cleaned for several years, your HVAC system may benefit from a good duct cleaning. Removal of cobwebs and debris can increase efficiency by as much as 40 percent.
  • Dust accumulation is also a good reason to have your ducts cleaned, dust and debris may be interrupting the airflow.
  • Visible mold, rodent droppings and dead insects also tell you that professional cleaning is needed.
  • Water intrusion is a serious concern and heavy contributor to mold growth. Due to condensation it has contributed to duct insulation damage and mold growth within the duct work. It’s important to address it immediately to avoid spore growth and further damage to the duct insulation.

How it’s Done

The techniques to perform HVAC System Cleaning are accomplished by following an organized specification specific to a particular HVAC system. Therefore, it is imperative that a project is properly scoped to determine the best methods to clean a HVAC system.

For best results, Capitol Air Care Corp., prefers to employ the use of contact cleaning whenever possible. It is also important to match the customer expectations of cleanliness with the methods appropriate to achieve the desired end result. The ACR 2006 NADCA Standard provides criteria for evaluating the cleanliness of HVAC systems for the purpose of cleaning to a specific level of cleanliness.
HVAC System cleaning is done using vehicle mounted equipment. The attached vacuum is connected to a hose which connects to your air handler (furnace, a/c unit). Another one connects to the main supply and return air ducts putting your ducts under negative pressure.

The technician addresses each vent to loosen/dislodge dirt and debris which is drawn to the hose connected to the air duct. The dirt and debris is then removed through the vacuum’s suction system in the vehicle. Our technicians are skilled and trained to perform this procedure using state of the art equipment such as Hepa Vacuum systems which are 99.97% efficient, along with rotor brushes, air whips, high powered air nozzles, skipper balls (forward and reverse), octopus whips, predator whips just to mention a few.This process is safe for your system and for your indoor environment.
We invite you to visit our Consumer Warning prompter to learn more about the importance of why this procedure must be done properly and the risks involved if not done correctly by a certified reputable company.