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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a dirty hvac system increase the energy costs?
A building or home’s air duct network acts as its respiratory system. Dirt, dust, debris, and microbial growth accumulate inside of air ducts, on cooling coils, and on reheat coils—hidden from view—and “congest” the system and make it difficult for the building to “breathe” properly and function efficiently. Cleaning the cooling coils and re-heat coils alone can increase airflow by as much as 75%. In fact an ASHRAE study concluded that MAINTAINING HVAC SYSTEM CLEANLINESS WOULD REDUCE AVERAGE OPERATING COSTS BY 10% TO 25%. With energy costs skyrocketing every year, it is more important than ever to ensure your HVAC equipment is operating at peak efficiency!!
Are there any health benefits that come from HVAC system cleaning?
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been shown to act as a collection for a range of contaminants that have the potential to affect a person’s health, such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and dust particles. Removing contaminants from the HVAC system can improve indoor air quality.
Will HVAC system cleaning reduce our office or home energy bills?
Research by the U.S. EPA has demonstrated that HVAC system cleaning may allow systems to run more efficiently by removing debris from sensitive mechanical components. Clean, efficient systems are less likely to break down, typically have a longer life, and operate more effectively.
How should an HVAC system be cleaned?
The most effective way to clean air ducts and ventilation systems is to employ Source Removal methods of cleaning. This requires a contractor to place the system under negative pressure, through the use of a specialized, powerful vacuum. While the vacuum draws air, devices are inserted into the ducts to dislodge any debris that might be stuck to interior surfaces. The debris can then travel down the ducts to the vacuum, which removes it from the system and the building or home.
How often should an HVAC system be cleaned?

Typically, HVAC systems should be inspected and cleaned around every 2-4 years. Frequency of the cleaning for a building or home depends on a number of factors that may exist inside. If you have any of these conditions, it may warrant more frequent cleanings:

  • Water contamination or damages to the building/home or HVAC system.
    Occupants or Residents with allergies, asthma, or immune health illnesses.
  • Renovations or remodeling was done.
    Smokers in the building or home.
    Pets in building or home (shed hair and dander).
  • Prior to occupancy of the building or home.
  • Numerous and frequently used electronics and office equipment in the indoor space such as: computers, printers, shredders, televisions, monitors etc.

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